Tuscany today, yesterday, forever!

Tuscany is one of those words, the simple perception of which makes one joyful and happy. Tuscany is synonymous with sun, great food, beaches and of course wine. Concerning the latter many things have changed over the past decades and this fashion of constant renewal seems to last.  Dynamic and plenty of energy, Tuscan vintners constantly create new styles of wine.

Currently two of styles seem to prevail, indeed, on the one hand there are those winegrowers who push the bordeaux-blend based so called “Super Tuscan” wines to ever new heights, whilst on the other hand some vintners focus on autochthonous grape varieties which they are putting back into the spotlight. However still it would be pretentious to categorize individual winegrowers without any differentiation whatsoever since many winemakers produce both, excellent cabernet-based blends and tasty autochthonous wines.

And anyways Tuscany, be it for the wines or else, remains a dream destination. This is the reason why, in this first edition of my blog “Katharina Woitczyk – eat,drink, Enjoy!”, I have chosen to share my favourite travel memories from Tuscany with you.


Katharina Woitczyk