Seafood salad

Serves 4

500g fresh squid

1kg small mussels

500g clams

250g fresh shrimps

3 celeries

1 big red onion

1 small broccoli

2 big fresh carrots

a little bit of flat parsley

2 small dried chilies

White wine

Seafood stock

2 organic lemons

1 organic limes

5 spoons of very good olive oil


Important: Prepare the seafood one day prior to serving the salad or at least in the morning for the evening.

1. Clean and wash the squid. Beat their bodies delicately with a pastry roll (or something equivalent), cut them into slices.

2. Wash the mussels abundantly, clean the shells painstakingly.

3. Clean the clams with plenty of cold water. (This is to get rid of all the sand)

4. Free the shrimps of their shells and take out their intestines with the help of a knife ( the intestines are situated on the back of the shrimps)

5. Cook the squid at extremely mild heat for several hours in the seafood stock and white wine, until really soft.

6. Add the rest of the seafood and mussels at the end of the cooking process to the squid and cook for a very short time.

7. Set aside in a cool place, put in the fridge as soon as everything has cooled down.

8. Cut the celeries into slices, grate the carrots into long slices. Dice the onion into eighth. Dice the broccoli into small pieces. Chop the parsley.

9. Fry the vegetables for a very short moment in a little bit of olive oil. The vegetables must remain really al dente. Add a tiny bit of seafood stock.

10. Add the zests of lime and lemon, as well as the crushed chili to the seafood.

11. Add the vegetables.

12. Make a sauce with lime and lemon juice as well as olive oil. Cover the seafood with the sauce.

13. Dress the salad in soup plates decorate with the chopped parsley.