Panna Cotta with strawberries

Serves 4


250g fresh cream

250g fresh milk

30g sugar

1 vanilla pod

1 1/2 gelatine sheets

1 organic lemon

250g fresh strawberries

2 spoons of sugar


Important: Panna Cotta needs about 10 to 12 hours of refrigeration, to get the right texture.

1. Put the cream, the milk and the sugar into a sauce pan.

2. Cut the vanilla pod in two and scrape out the marrow. Add both into the pan.

3. Cut some lemon zests and add as well. Cook a little bit at low heat.

4. At the meantime, soak the gelatine sheets in cold water.

5. Squeeze all the water from the gelatine sheets and add them to the milk-cream blend.

6. Taste.

7. Set the four most beautiful strawberries aside. Clean all the other strawberries meticulously and mix them in a blender.

8. Season to taste with sugar and lemon juice.

9. Fill the Panna Cotta into four glass ramekins. Set cold.

10. Prior to serving, put the Strawberry puree atop the panna cotta and decorate with the four strawberries that were previously set aside.