Premium wines from the wildboar hill

As one drives on the wine route from Latium to Tuscany, the itinerary which crosses the Maremma and leads up to Bolgheri, Emiglia Romana, Marche and Umbria, one will quickly perceive the new star that glows on Super Tuscan heaven. It is called Monteverro (literally wild boar hill) and has been built from scratch by the young German entrepreneur and winegrower Georg Weber. At the beginning of the new millennium, Mr Weber, a passionate wine lover was looking for a suitable piece of land where to grow premium vines. Besides Italy he had also focused on Bordeaux, until all of a sudden he had come across this terrain vague right next to the tiny Tuscan village Capalbio. ” The first time I came here, cows were grassing there”, comments the charming Bavarian whilst with a relaxed gesture of his hand he indicates the soft slopes where beautiful vines grow in disciplined rows.

Several precise soil analyses later, it was obvious for Georg Weber, that the picturesque Tuscan hill with its sublime view over the Mediterranean was exactly the right place to make his ambitious wine project become reality.

Together with General Manager Michael Voegele, a talented and clever engineer and consulted by some of the very best wine experts, the likes of Michel Rolland, Weber started his project.  The ground stones, for the winery which today perfectly melts into the countryside, were set in 2003 and the first premium vines were planted that very year. The soil is red clay a soil type famous for producing very mineral wines.  Five years later, in 2008, Georg Weber and his team were happy to ferment their first grapes in the cleverly built high-tech wine cellar.

The results are four amazing and extremely complex cuvees, three reds and one white wine.

The white wine carries the easy-to-remember-name Monteverro Chardonnay and is very complex; it shows sensationally fresh and tasty lemon aromas a surprising fact for a “Southern Chardonnay”.

“Tinata” is a great red wine, a blend of Syrah and Grenache. It is a tribute to Georg Weber’s mum Christine, short Tina, who adores Rhone-style wines. “Tinata” is surprisingly full-bodied considering the young age of the vines and the wine has a great structure, great depth and amazing complexity.

Terra di Monteverro the second wine of the Monteverro winery is, just like its older sibling, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Petit Verdot. It impresses through great precision, harmony and a wonderful structure.

The Top Premium Wine, “Monteverro”, is extremely full-bodied and shows a silky soft structure on the palate it seduces with opulent fruit.

The great quality of the wines is absolutely not surprising, since the cellars are utmost modern high-tech facilities and their numerous clever details are able to astonish even the geekiest visitor.

All of Monteverro’s grapes are exclusively hand harvested and manually sorted three times over before being fermented in one of 45, 4,500 litre-capacity stainless steel vats. The manually harvested grapes arrive in tiny plastic-boxes and travel on a purveyor belt into the cellar. On their trip they are ventilated with cold air in order to cool delicately to temperatures comprised between 5 – 10°C. Thereafter the grapes are stocked in special cooling-chambers until winemaker Matthieu Taunay decides to vinify.

The cleverly designed tiny crane-driven stainless-steel-containers which serve to transport the freshly harvested berries directly from the purveyor belt into the fermenting vats are also one of these techy details that make every high-tech-loving-wine-aficionado’s heart beat faster.

Monteverro is totally quality driven and all about setting the highest standards, at this paste it will soon  join the very private club of Tuscany’s greatest Bordeaux blends, the Super Tuscans.

Thanks to the hard work and perseverance of sales and marketing manager Olympia Romba, today, only two years after their official launch, the Monteverro wines can already be found in some of the best wine shops and of course on the wine lists of the best restaurants on three continents. (USA and Canada, Europe, Asia).

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