I can resist everything except temptation.” This Oscar Wilde quote (Lady Windermere) is my device in regards to my favourite topics, wine, food, travel, design, decoration, gardening, reading and lifestyle in general. In order to avoid having to resist temptation I have made my hobby my profession, hence I write about all those things which I do not want to resist.

France, French cuisine, French literature and of course French wines have been part of my favourite things for a long time. Therefore, ten year ago after I had successfully passed my Bachelors in French and Italian literature, none of my friends or family seemed particularly surprised when I decided to participate in a six months Erasmus exchange program to Bordeaux ( where else!) … and they seemed even less surprised upon my decision to simply stay there.

During my foreign languages studies in the “World Capital of Wine”, I had the opportunity to get a closer look on my beloved French cuisine and the local grape juice thanks to my student job at “Café du Musée” and “Chez Greg” restaurants. Internships in the editorial department of the regional business magazine “Objectif Aquitaine” helped me to deeenmy writing skills (acquired during a previous work experience as a freelance journalist for Darmstädter Echo) only this time around in the tongue of Victor Hugo.

After completing my masters in French/ German Journalism at Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris, I returned to Bordeaux, where I continued to work in the dining rooms of several gourmet cathedrals amongst others the famous “La Tupiña” and the “Saint James”, before starting to work for the English Wine- and luxury lifestyle magazine TASTED. Today, after six years as the editor in chief of the latter, I felt ready for new adventures and have decided to become a journalist and translator.