Greek wines got it!

By Katharina Woitczyk

Whilst many of us think of demonstrations and social unrest when hearing the word Greece, the renowned Bordeaux wine trading house Mähler-Besse sets a positive sign and launches it new range of Greek wines T-Oinos!

Mähler-Besse first presented the T-Oinos wine range at the exclusive TFWA World Exhibition from October 21 to 26 in Cannes/ France.  Winemaker Alexandre Avatangelos produces the T-Oinos wines on the tiny island Tinos.

Greece can proudly look back on a 3000 year tradition of wine-making, this makes it one of the world’s oldest and most traditional winemaking countries. Spoiled by the sun, the tiny volcanic island Tinos belongs to the Cyclades, which are part of the World Cultural heritage.

Winegrower Alexandre Avatangelos, who is also a philosopher and theologian, owns a 10 hectares vineyard situated at an altitude of 400 meters. In order to preserve the breathtaking beauty of this rock-covered landscape, the vintner has chosen organic winegrowing.

Most grape varieties planted on the vineyard are autochthonous ones. There are Mavrotragano and Avgoustiatis for the red wines; Assyrtiko and Malagousia for the white wines. The average age of the vines is of 10 years. The wines from Tinos are reputed for their great complexity and have already seduced the sommeliers of some of the world’s most renowned restaurants.  The T-Oinos wines are to be found on the lists of all of Alain Ducasse’s restaurants worldwide!


Mähler-Besse sells the following T-Oinos wines:

-T-Oinos Clos Stegasta (Rouge) – Mavrotragano 2010 : (recommended retail price in France 50€)

-T-Oinos Clos Stegasta (Blanc) – Assyrtiko 2011 : (recommended retail price in France 38€)

-T-Oinos (Rouge) – Avgoustiatis & Mavrotragano 2010 : (recommended retail price in France 19€)

-T-Oinos (Blanc) – Malagousia 2011 : (recommended retail price in France 19€)

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