Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux wines conquer Paris counters

By Katharina Woitczyk

“Blaye au comptoir” (Blaye at the counter) is the name of the event to which Blaye’s winegrowers invite the Parisians on Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th of October.

During these two days the excellent quality-price ratio for which this Bordeaux appellation, the 7th most sold in France, is famous, will be one of the many assets of Blaye wines that will seduce Parisian wine lovers. For the period of the event, 60 000 glasses of wine will be served by 70 winegrowers in 70 bars, Brasseries and restaurants.

Besides the personal contact with the producers, acquiring and improving wine tasting skills is the focus of this event. Confirmed wine lovers will improve and deepen their knowledge whilst beginners will be introduced with wine tasting. A specifically created table set available in all the participating establishments helps the tasters to get acquainted with, or to improve their wine tasting vocabulary. The table sets will help participants to find the accurate terms to describe their sensorial experiences. The wine tasting experience will appeal to three senses view, smell and taste.

“Blaye au Comptoir“ is also a unique occasion to buy one’s favourite Blaye crus directly from the producer and at ex-cellar prices, a rarity for Bordeaux wines.

Mickaël Rouyer, the director of the Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux appellation explained, “Every year an increasing number of growers wish to meet directly with Parisian consumers. In 17 years “Blaye au Comptoir” has become the number one wine event in Paris in autumn. Our objective is to still increase the presence of Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux wines on the wine lists of Parisian restaurants.”

Thanks to the smartphone compatible website it is possible to view the list of participating winegrowers, restaurants and bars on one’s smartphone. Geolocalisation makes it possible to find the closest establishment to one’s position. The smartphone website can be reached with the help of a 2D code printed on all of the appellation’s adverts or directly by tipping